Heywood Terminal Station $1.2M

500/275 Kv Civil Package


Contract Value: $1.2M
Scope of Works:
  • Concrete Cable Trench
  • Conduits
  • Pedestals
  • Bored Piers (up to 9m deep)
  • Pile Caps.


Key Project Challenges and Danspec Civil Solutions:


Working in a live HV sub-station, Danspec Civil mitigated the risks through careful machine selection, the use of height limiting laser devices, and the adoption of strict procedural systems.

A concrete supply failure of a 9m deep bored pier foundation was identified by Danspec Civil’s quality system processes.We were able to identify the concrete test failure and (due to site and client requirements) the pile had to be extracted. We utilized considered engineering techniques and specialist drilling tooling to over core the pile to depth, and extract safely with a 200tonne crane.


Structural Concrete Elements and Techniques of Construction:
  • Bored Piers were constructed with offsite pre-fabricated reo cages.
  • Customised Steel Forms were fabricated for the minor pile caps to ensure accuracy of concrete and bolt locations.
  • Major Caps utilised a pre-designed PERI form system.