Focused on delivering high quality Civil Works, Project Management and Construction Services, Danspec Civil has the capacity to take care of all of your needs for:

Hands-on and on-site:

Managing Director, Daniel Pay, has over sixteen years of experience as a Qualified Tradesperson and Manager in multiple fields across Australia. His primary role is to ensure every aspect of your job is handled by the right people on his team, ensuring:

  • All Works are Carried Out Efficiently and Professionally to meet Your Specifications and Requirements
  • Workplace Health and Safety is Adhered to AT ALL TIMES
  • Respect for Environmental Considerations
  • Optimal Resources Management, and
  • Provision of the Best Available Equipment.


Embracing the latest in technology:

Danspec, has the experience and expertise you require, whether your requirements fall into the categories of:

  • Clean Energy
  • Power Generation
  • The Transmission and Distribution Sectors
  • Commercial Development, and/or
  • Water Treatment
  • Local, State or Federal Government Works


Danspec works Australia-wide, with an extensive background in Trades and Engineering. The company has a respected reputation for:

  • Completing the job properly
  • Attention to detail, and
  • A neat and tidy mind-set.


Danspec provides Civil Engineering expertise, with the capacity to provide Senior Level Project Management as required. We’re fully insured and OH&S Compliant